Thursday, September 28, 2006

Betting on my daugter's future

While waiting at the hospital before our scheduled c-section, I started making some bets with my wife about our soon-to-arrive baby.

The first column is the item, the second column is how I bet, the third column is how my wife bet, and the last column is how it actually turned out.

As some of the items might take awhile before being determined, I will update this post with the new info.

weight at birth6.5 lbs6.5 lbs6 lbs 10 ozs
head of hair at birthyyy
height at age 185' 9"
eye colorgreengreenbrown
first wordavast or ahoymom / mama
favorite parentmeboth
first parent puked onhermeher
first parent to drop childmeme
likes livernoyes

[added May 20, 2007, but occurred Sept 28, 2006]
[update 12/21/2009] right handed [/update]